Hallmarked sterling silver wave cuff




A Hallmarked eco sterling silver wave cuff

Handcrafted in eco recycled sterling silver this wave cuff has been hammered to reflect the light like the sunshine hitting the Ocean surface

The easily worn wave cuff and varies slightly along its length with being hammered from 2.5 to 3mm in width and bears  my personal hallmark from Sheffield U.K. your guarantee of authenticity.

Easily adjustable to fit it sits on your wrist with ease and wraps around like the waves of the ocean .

The cuff size is measures  approximately 160 mm (small) 165mm (med) 170mm ( large)  in length with a gap of 30mm to simply slip onto your wrist easily and sit snuggly where you require it with an slight squeeze .

This wave cuff is easy wearable and can be adjusted with a gentle squeeze as I have worked the silver to be soft and flexible.

Sitting on your wrist or can be worn higher above with other bangles or a watch.

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Cuff size

Small, medium, large